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GreetingHate housework? We love it!

After a cleaning service that guarantees results? With over ten years experience in domestic cleaning, Myhome is one of Melbourne’s most trusted residential cleaners. Whether you’re after a regular cleaning service or a one-off spring clean, we have a Myhome solution to match your needs.

We’ve spent time and resources developing what we believe is the best possible cleaning system, guaranteeing consistently outstanding results, time and time again. We call this our Tri-Colour System – separating your home into three colour-coded ‘zones’ to guarantee the most efficient, hygienic and thorough clean possible.

Better yet – if you’re not happy with your clean, we’ll do it again, free of charge. Fill out our online enquiry form or call us on 1300 920 563 to find out how we can leave your home sparkling.

BathFinally, a cleaning service that fits around your needs

When we clean your home we fit around you – not the other way around. Our regular cleaning service gives you flexibility to pick the frequency of your cleans, as well as a fixed price that guarantees the same high standard of clean every time the cleaners visit.

After a one-off cleaning blitz? Our Spring Clean service is perfect for those busy periods in your life: including after-party emergencies, before the relatives arrive or once the builders have gone.

All Myhome cleaners follow our time-tested Tri-Colour cleaning process to guarantee the same exceptional results.

Tri-Colour: a better type of clean

In association with Unilever, we’ve developed what we believe is the most hygienic, scrupulous and efficient clean possible. Our Tri-Colour System separates each house into three ‘zones’: green (kitchens and laundries); red (bathrooms); and blue (bedrooms and reception areas). Each zone comes with its own method of cleaning and colour-coded cleaning products to ensure the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness.

Chair2Because of its systematic approach, our Tri-Colour System guarantees the same outstanding level of clean each time our cleaners visit your house.

If that’s not enough, here are some more great reasons to try a Tri-Colour Clean:

  • Hygienic: By using different products and cloths for each colour-coded area, Tri-Colour prevents cross-contamination and guarantees the most hygienic and meticulous clean possible.
  • Transparency & Accountability: Our unique Tri-colour System allows you to check exactly what should be cleaned in each room – and, if you find something has not been cleaned to the right standard, you can let us know right away.
  • Great Value: We charge by each complete tri-colour clean, not the hour, as we understand your home might be messier one week from the next.
  • Skilled Staff: All Myhome staff are fully trained and inducted in the Tri-Colour process, which means they know exactly what to do and the high standards expected of them.
  • Consistency: The systematic, step-by-step nature of tri-colour means we can guarantee a consistent, high quality clean time and time again.

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line or call us on 1300 920 563 to discover the benefits of a Myhome Tri-Colour clean.